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Doctoral School

The Doctoral School of Earth Sciences at the University of Pécs, led by Prof Dr József Tóth, has developed from the PhD training programme called 'Spatial and environmental problems of socioeconomic activities'. This training programme was accredited in 1994. There are three alternatives to get involved in the activities: participating at a regular course, in partial training and through an individual teaching plan.

There are several fields of teaching and research focusing on certain disciplines. The selection of research topics, training plans as well as fundamental and applied research are related to the following thematic groups and their leaders:

- Geography of tourism: Dr Antal, Aubert;
- Environmental geography: Dr Zoltán, Wilhelm;
- Physical geography and geology: Dr Gyula, Konrád;
- Regional and settlement development: Prof Dr József, Tóth;
- Historical and political geography: Dr Zoltán, Hajdú.
- Regional problems of labour market: Dr. Tésits, Róbert
- Regional, geographical problems of the Balkans: Dr. Pap, Norbert

Doctoral School curses.pdf (pdf)

At the regular course six Hungarian and a limited number of foreign citizens can be accepted. Since the accreditation of the Doctoral School more than 40 students at regular course and more than 200 corresponding students participated in the training. Within a decade more than 30 of them received the PhD. degree.

The students of the Doctoral School are also active participants in the life of the Institute of Geography and its Departments. In addition to theoretical training they take part in several practical activities: most of the students at regular course lead undergraduate seminars, contribute to the editing of the publications (series, lecture notes, text-books) of the Departments and organise conferences. Members of our Doctoral School initiated the tradition of Meetings of Doctoral Students in Geography, organising the first one at Pécs.

Our students are present at events of Hungarian and international geography, regularly participate at conferences home and abroad, publish volumes of papers, such as the issue 1998/2. of the journal 'Földrajzi Közlemények', which was entirely devoted to the works of students of the Doctoral School. During PhD training excellent relationships have been established between our University and other institutions of higher education and research in Hungary. In addition to the permanent staff of the Doctoral School, guest lecturers are regularly invited from Hungary and abroad. Within the framework of TEMPUS and ERASMUS programmes, our students took part at field practices in many countries of Europe on several occasions. Moreover, they received scholarships to reach more remote corners of the world.

PhD research room: Phone: +36 72 503 600 ext. 4828

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